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Board of Directors

Position  Name   Email
 President  Emily York
 Vice President  Alana McKenna
 Secretary  Amanda Zimmer
 Treasurer  Suzie Giroux

 Farah Ladha
 Member-at-Large 2  Jamie Wilson
 Member-at-Large 3  Kristin Daly
 Member-at-Large 4  Silas Woodsmith
 Member-at-Large 5  Amanda Edwards
 Member-at-Large 6  Vinu Chetipurackal
 Member-at-Large 7  Lily Flanjak
 Member-at-Large 8  Ursula Sargent

Past President

 Position  Name Email 
 Past President  Tyler Churchman

Standing Committees

Committee  Chair   Email
 Membership Vacant
 Professional Standards

 Lisz Keallen & Robyn  Gerris

Operational Committees

Committee    Chair  Email 
 Professional Development  Julia Menzies & Sarah  Zelitt
 Public Relations  Season Hunt
 Technology  Melanie Valencia-Soriano

Upcoming Events:

More information about WAVLI events can be found on the events page.

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