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    • Sat, January 22, 2022
    • 9:00 AM

    ASL uses space and movement through classifiers to show visual space which may make interpreters and/or consumers feel uncomfortable with its visual descriptions of sexual health topics. During this workshop, participants will delve into the world of human anatomy, primarily looking at the reproductive system, common classifiers and how to accurately interpret sexual health topics such as menstruation, contraception and erectile dysfunction.  Participants will explore various classifiers to express visual pictures appropriately.

    • Sat, February 05, 2022
    • 9:00 AM

    Three hours is not enough to learn all the different ways to use classifiers for sexual and reproductive health. Here’s the part two of our most popular workshop, Sexual & Reproductive Health ASL Classifiers! In this workshop, we will continue to delve into the world of human anatomy, including sensitive topics such as abortion, miscarriage, sexual behaviors, sexual transmitted infections, and more. This workshop will also provide hands-on experiences & skill building activities needed for appropriate classifier use applied to complex descriptions and images. Emphasis is placed on developing the ability to think visually and incorporate more tools to improve expressive and receptive communication skills.

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