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Stephanie Wishart

Photo of Stephanie Wishart
Registered Sign Language Interpreter Cell: 604 928 3483
Categories: Registered Sign Language Interpreter

I grew up in Langley, BC and after graduating high school I did a lot of travelling around Europe. I even lived in London, England for 1 year.

My decision to start my journey as a sign language interpreter was from my childhood experience with Deaf and hard of hearing children. I went to an elementary school where mainstreaming was popular, I had about 5 Deaf students in my class who I then became friends with. Twenty years later, I could still use the basic signs that I had learned as a child and loved being able to use them to communicate with people. To have that connection with someone really motivated me to continue to learn about the language and become skilled in this line of work.

I have now completed the Douglas College Program of Sign Langauage Interpretation and am excited to be a part of the Deaf community.

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