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Bryan Hemingway

Photo of Bryan Hemingway
Registered Sign Language Interpreter
Categories: Lower Mainland, Medical Interpreting Screen, Registered Sign Language Interpreter, Vancouver Island, WTK

For clarity, my name used to be Bryan Corry but is now Bryan Hemingway. I graduated from the Douglas College Sign Language Interpreting Program in 2010. My practice has and is largely focused on Community, Post-Secondary, DeafBlind and Medical Interpreting.

I have passed and hold the following qualifications:

Written Test of Knowledge ( WTK )

BC Medical Sign Language Interpreter Accreditation (MIS)

I also have general background knowledge on the following:

Computers, web-design, technology, human anatomy/physiology cycling and bike maintenance.

Academically I have studied: interdisciplinary studies, the social determinants of health, health and social systems, policy and governance, qualitative/quantitative research methods and disability studies. The main focus of my studies has been on health inequities in Canada and understanding the complexities of navigating healthcare relationships through interpreters.

Deaf-Blind intervening/SSP (2007-Current), both locally and internationally.

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