Congratulations to Karen Malcolm, this year’s recipient of the David Still Award of Excellence. Karen is a long-standing valued member of the WAVLI community, with over 30 years of experience in the interpreting field. To name a few of her accolades, she has been a resource to many, having taught in Douglas College’s IEP, and has given countless workshops on topics such as ethics training, medical and mental health work. Karen was involved in the development of the TOI and has since been a rater, trained raters, and was involved in the more recent CES review. Karen is a published author, has served on the AVLIC board in many capacities, and has been a resource to the WAVLI Board and its committees over the years. She has been and continues to be a mentor to many, both students and active members, and has had a significant influence on many people’s lives in the WAVLI community. Congratulations Karen!